Friday, March 11, 2011

Creating Rear Awareness

We have done a lot of training since the last post, however the computer being fairly tempermental doesn't aid being able to upload videos and photos as often as I would like. However we will keep going and hopefully be able to solve the computer problems soon!

So this post has been inspired by a Youtube trainer - Kikopup. She talks alot of creating rear awareness which helps for future heel work, agility and tricks. The aim is to have a dog that is able to pivot on its front legs - moving only its back legs.

We start by having a book on the ground for the dog to place both feet on. Value must be created for having the two front paws on and nothing else. Movement left and right is slowly introduced with minor steps either way. The aim is for the puppy to remain in front moving their back legs only. Movement is gradually increased until the pup can make a full 360 turn with front paws remaining on the book. This is our aim for lesson one! Once we have this muscle memory established we can than move on too more turns, lowering the cue of me standing in front, and also do the same movements but with the puppy in heel position. Sounds easy in theory right??

Enjoy our first session. :-)

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