Saturday, January 29, 2011

Keeda's Arival Home

The story from the beginning...
After losing my 6 year old Collie Rough "Kilcoy Rushed to N Angel CCD ADX JDX SPD GD SD" (better known as Diva) to an aggressive cancer, I have been contemplating finding a friend for Harlie (my 7 year old Shetland Sheepdog) and a new companion/family member/ agility dog for myself.
                                                 Miss Diva competing at Rocky Agility Trial (2008)

 A wonderful friend of mine Bernadette Lines (Kilcoy Kennels) offered one of her dogs from her breeding kennels who came and visited for 6 months. "Ferona Silver Phantom" better known as Winter, offered a wonderful companion and distraction for both Harlie and I. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and Winter had to head home to finish off his Australian Champion title. I thank Bernadette for the opportunity to have Winter in our family and loved training him.

Unfortunately our little family didn't cope to well with having Winter head home. Harlie was getting sooky, Winters best friend (Bella the Cat) was walking around the house continuously looking for him, and my partner Rodney was worse than both Harlie and the cat!!

It was time to get a new puppy. I had been in contact with a couple of Shetland Sheepdog breeders with all intention at building my agility team of shetlies.... But Rodney had other ideas. It all came down to a game of Uno.... Whoever won the best out of 10 games got to choose the breed of the puppy. Guess what.... I lost. Thankfully I won the Uno game deciding who got to name the dog. If Rod had won this blog would be called.... "Mr Bananas".

So the next mission was finding a breeder with Tri colour female puppies who were suitable for obedience, dog sports, and to fit in perfectly with our little family. Coming up to Christmas (2010) a breeder in Brisbane advertised on Dogz online for a litter of tri puppies. I hadn't been having much luck with finding a female with previous breeders but thankfully Marion had the perfect girl for us.

We ventured out to meet Marion and the puppies when they were four weeks old. We played with them for a good hour and had the girls narrowed down to three puppies. The deciding factor came when this one perfectly marked puppy kept running between both Rod and I, than nailed the point home when all the other puppies were asleep and this one girl was wide awake tearing everything up and swimming in her water bowl.... It was meant to be!!

                                         Keeda and Rodney shortly after making our decision!

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